Jonathan Di Renzo is a rock / alternative-influenced vocalist and guitarist active in the Tampa, Florida area. At age 33 and with a multi-octave vocal span, he plays a variety of instruments and has experience in songwriting, studio recording, production, and live performances. Inspired by American and British rock music while growing up in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Di Renzo took up guitar and vocals at age 12. Establishing in the Tampa Bay area in 2013, Jonathan has been touring ever since, playing 6 times a week in high-end venues, such as Dinsey Springs and Hard Rock Cafe. In 2017, Jonathan released his first solo album, Getting Nowhere, an 11 track – 43 minute alt. rock album, which its sound could be described as “back to basics 90’s rock”.


He is currently working on 2 new EPs of 5 songs each, a “louder” rock EP, and a minimalistic acoustic EP. Also, Di Renzo is starting to work on a cover project of songs that left a mark in his career and in his life. Highlights of Jonathan’s career include recreating the entire Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert in 2011, associated with the Mercury Phoenix Trust, complimented as a “great project” by Queen’s guitarist Brian May.


Jonas Isaacson (guitarist of Roxette) describes Di Renzo’s original country crossover single Night Sun as “outstanding vocal range”. George Harrison’s official Twitter account has re-tweeted many times his YouTube videos, reaching more than 400,000 views on his channel. Some of Jonathan Di Renzo’s influences are: The Beatles, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, Radiohead, Genesis, among others.





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